Portland 3-Day Seminar March 2024

A Transformational Seminar On Pain, Fertility & Inflammation

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3-Day Recorded Master Tung & Dr. Tan Seminar

Do you want to learn amazing secrets about how to treat Pain, Fertility & Inflammation?

And do you want to build your skills & go beyond learning static points and start learning the harmony of the system?

In this seminar you will learn that, plus I will show you how to increase in your skills by 10% so you can consistently get 90% better results in your clinic.

This is the first seminar I have done since 2018, over those years Covid, life, treatment, and treating 50 people a day on my own there has been an evolution of the points.

From 2018 until now I have moved beyond just teaching the locations strictly from a book and also emphasizing the importance of not choosing points based on the indications but choosing points based on the Why of the disease.

And then being committed to learning the treatment, learning the symptoms, and really understanding the points and how they treat the disease.

Out of all the seminars I've done over the years this is an evolution of my teaching style. And the why is, why do we want to express ourselves? How do we want to express ourselves? And that was what this whole weekend was about leaning into your weakness or leaning into your fear.

Teaching static points is a disservice because a point in a one dimensional book will never come close to exemplifying how the points express themselves.

There's no difference in the system. I am teaching you how to bring it all together and then use these distal systems to have better results and not be bound by rules. And that's been the evolution of my seminar, versus teaching just static points and then using these distal systems to have better results.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to apply the concepts immediately in your practice and be able to develop extremely effective treatments for your patients.

It’s not about unlearning what you know, it’s about adding & filling in to make you better.

Day 1: All about pain and how effectively and quickly to treat pain acute and chronic. This will cover all types of pain.

Day 2: All about women’s and men’s health.

Day 3: About circulation, energy, fatigue, stress, and complications of long-term Covid.

Are you a Beginner? No worries I have added 2 intro course to this seminar to help you out.

Are you an Intermedient or Advanced practitioner? Than you will Love this seminar.

"I strongly recommend everyone to take this course, it’s very powerful the way that Brad organized the course.

No matter if its your first year as an acupuncturist, your 10th year as an acupuncturist, or even 35 years like me.

Anyone at any level will be able to take any part of this lecture, any segment of this lecture, and have it work, and use it in their clinic. So follow his lead and follow his guide to help you in your clinic. And then you will become a very excellent practitioner."

- Eileen Han, Founder, Academy of Acupuncture

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  Portland Seminar March 2024 ~ Day 2
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  Portland Seminar March 2024 ~ Day 3
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Your Instructor

Brad Whisnant
Brad Whisnant

Brad Whisnant, DAOM, LAc, is a professional doctor of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

He runs his private clinic in St. Helens, Oregon where he treats 100+ patients a week on his own. He teaches and lectures both in the US and Internationally.

Dr Whisnant has authored 8 other books on the distal styles of Master Tung and Dr Tan's Balance Method of acupuncture. He also given over 100 seminars and lectures.

He is a passionate advocate of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is dedicated to demystifying and simplifying acupuncture to help spread and disseminate these styles to the acupuncturist globally

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Beyond the 6 Systems of Balance
Learn the 6 systems of balance taught by Dr Tan. Plus additional systems that are relatively unknown.
Brad Whisnant
Mastering Mirrors & Images
Brad Whisnant

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