Mastering Practice Management

The Key to Practice Success

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Mastering Patient Management The Key to Practice Success

Goals and Course Outline

To help you become more successful in practice by teaching superior patient management skills. Those skills involve every aspect of your interactions with patients and potential patients including:

1.outreach / marketing

2. your first meeting

3. explaining how acupuncture works and establishing a treatment plan

4. each and every encounter throughout the treatment process

5. how you release the patient from your care

6. post-release follow-up

Course One:

  • Private practice models and the “Middle Way Model”.
  • Getting a firm understanding of what acupuncture can successfully treat and what it cannot treat.
  • Why do some patients with the same condition respond well and others don’t and how to manage this.
  • Explaining how acupuncture works in very simple language and how this will generate many more patients.
  • How to offer a free consultation to grow your practice.

Course Two: The intake process.

  • Establishing a baseline of the patient’s pattern of symptoms to monitor their progress.
  • Estimating the odds of success and setting realistic expectations.
  • The three stages of the treatments process.
  • Estimating how many treatments may be needed over what period of time with a special focus on the first stage.
  • The patient’s role in partnering with you in their care.

Course Three:

  • Managing patients through the three stages of the treatment process.
  • Mastering treatment spacing and why this is even more important than finding the best points.
  • How careful monitoring of progress can make or break treatment success.
  • How patients can inadvertently sabotage their progress and what to do about it.
  • How to manage progress plateaus.
  • How to release patients from your care when the maximum benefit is reached in a way that will spark referrals and re-visits.
  • The “Talk” – how to release from care when the treatment was not successful and how this can generate referrals and re-visits.

Course Four:

  • Creative marketing/outreach on a shoestring budget.
  • Acupuncture research findings that will blow people’s minds.
  • Favorite Pearls of Clinical Wisdom.
  • Putting it all together
  • Answers to all your questions.

You Will Also Learn -

That educating your patients about your services should continue throughout the entire treatment process and how this will be your secret weapon to supercharge your practice.

What makes this course and Matthew’s ideas so new and different?

Mastering Practice Management is steeped in the Taoist philosophy of the Middle Way.

Other practice management teachers and courses besides having a lot less experience than Matt, Other teachers will try to convince you that their way is the only way to succeed. They want you to believe that you must charge $5000 for packages, or that you must never ever do packages. Or that the only way to build a practice is by doing pulse booths every weekend.

The truth is there is no 100% One Way to Success. But there are foundational pieces that will quickly elevate your success.

Matthew teaches this course with a flexible common-sense approach to running a successful practice and running a successful life.

Your Instructor

Matthew Bauer, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M
Matthew Bauer, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M

Matthew Bauer is a veteran acupuncturist and a true leader in the space of elevating the profession of acupuncture.

Matthew started his career back in 1986 when acupuncture was much less known and accepted than it is today. As a newly licensed practitioner in the mid-80s, Matthew had a lot of challenges to overcome.

For over 37 years now Matthew has maintained a full practice treating 75 to 100 patients per week.

After having established his practice Matt became a leader and a true advocate for expanding the profession's awareness. Over the years he has been involved with many acupuncture organizations in promoting and advancing the practice of acupuncture.

In 2014 Matthew founded the (ANF) Acupuncture Now Foundation. ANF is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and delivering authoritative and unbiased information about acupuncture to the general public.

Matthew has also authored dozens of articles and published 2 Books: *Making Acupuncture Pay: Real-World Advice for Successful Private Practice" & *The Healing Power of Acupressure and Acupuncture"

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